About Us

OPEN PRESS is an endeavor to snip the stereotypes and an attempt to reboot the system of corrupt and paid journalism. Forget the traditional advertising-driven media houses.  Let’s promote an independent, readers based, an uninterrupted platform, uncensored relationship within the reality and the people.

As a fourth pillar in a democracy, we wanted to give the best out of it to the people. We wanted our editors to function with the freedom they need. We ensure the professional standards of reporting and maintain harmonious media ecosystem. We have zero tolerance with toxic practices like rampant editorializing, paid news etc.

We uphold Constitutional values and ideas. We, Open Press Media devote our self to the values engraved in the preamble of Indian Constitution. We devote our self to promote the values of secularism, democracy, socialism etc. We pledge to no tolerance policy towards any form of communalism, anti-national, anti-humanitarian, religious intolerance policies.      

The voice of voiceless… The fists of truth!

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